A Trust Deed Investment represents a unique opportunity to create foundational, fully collateralized Passive Income. This is something that most stock and bond investments cannot provide.

*As with any investment, it is important that you do your due diligence, and work with a lender who is vetted and has a proven track record of providing quality investment opportunities.

What is a
Trust Deed or a Mortgage?

A Trust Deed or a Mortgage is not a loan, but rather a security instrument used to secure a Loan to a Borrower. It creates a first position lien on the property’s title, signifying that the deed to the property is held in trust by a neutral third party. The lien remains in place until the loan is fully repaid.

When done right, a Trust Deed Investment provides a safe, secure and reliable source of passive income.

Sierra Crest Capital is a Private Money Lender who ensures the Trust Deed Investment process is done right. We originate and fund all of our own loans and then offers these closed loans to Investors by way of a simple Assignment of Deed of Trust or Mortgage.

It’s important to note that the Trust Deed Investor is not a Lender, as you are not involved in selecting or qualifying the Borrower, which creates a very distinct advantage of not having to wait for a Borrower to close their purchase transaction.